Wombhealing, Yoni Rebirthing, Womb Journey, Sexual Recapitulation, TempleTransition and the New Path of the Women. Self-discovery. Self-healing. Clarity. Absolute honesty. Pure nudity. The leap into the unknown …
The time has come for us to leave the old sisterhood. The old womb goes with her. She is tired, sick and hurt. Too much strife, betrayal, denial, old wounds and assaults have occurred that do not want to heal. Distrust grew bigger than confidence. The attempt to heal failed so many times. Why? Because women are not entirely in their full responsibility, they still allow abuses and get stucked in old patterns, and also simply because the „old womb“ wants to leave, die, let go … Many women are seriously sick in their „Cave”, their temple. More and more women from the age of 30 are changing (Menopause) – even before they had the chance of having a first child. Many young women are sterile due to the environmental factors that paralyze our hormone system. Miscarriages are on the increase and artificial insemination is becoming a matter of course. All of these facts are kept secret or trivialized.
The GOOD NEWS: a new uterus is emerging in the world and in us women.
It is already there in the young girls and all female new borns. Now we are asked to make a decision: YES to the new, healthy, powerful, young uterus! What an opportunity!

Let´s go through the PORTAL together into the new Woman-Being, the Powerwoman of the New Age. It´s there – we just need to trust again and dare to live a new sisterhood. If we connect telepathically to every new moon and full moon and have life gahterings in the red tents from time to time, we can make a big difference. „When, if not now. Where, if not here. Who, if not us
Be Aware, be There!“ NEW SISTERHOOD

For this transition and rebirth I would like to invite you to my telepathic healing circles and red tents, where we do amazing healing for ourselves and the collective. The „uterus shift“ needs good preparation:
1. Let go of the old cave „Closing the temple“
2. Recapitulation „Cleaning the space“
3. Give birth to yourself „Initiating the birth“
4. Anchoring the new uterus „New roots“
5. Celebrate „Opening the Temple“

at the important moon highlights for the female cycle: every new moon (NM) and full moon (FM) from 9-10 p.m. (it is also sufficient if you only click in for 30 min, minimum 5 min). This is how you experience „entering“ the healing circle–> mail to lara@urfrau.at concern „Urfrau Healing Circle“ and you get a program with meditation, womb exercise and all important information
Unique payment: 30,- Eur (and you are always welcome and will be updated)
Upcoming dates: 23.3. / 8.4. / 22.4. / 6.5. / 22.5. / 5.6. / 20.6.

Individual Womb Healing, Yoni Rebirthing, Womb Journey, Sexual Organ Scan, Sexual Recapitulation: we can also do an online session before you start or if you have very special issues, problems or even clinical diagnosis in your yoni (vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries), if something comes up in the healing circles and afterwards: Skype session…50,-/hour … mail to lara@urfrau.at

RED TENT „Goddess Whispering“
In addition, it makes sense and is really nice to meet „life“ from time to time.
I invite all women in my area to my red tents whenever it is convenient to meet the other sisters personally. If you are enjoying our Moon Gatherings from far away and you wanna meet up with other sisters I can connect you with the Ladies of my team in different cities. My „Virtual Healing Circle“ shall combine the power of all places in Europe and establish a strong field of women. This can be a wave through Europe achieving amazing things and setting up the ancient power places of Maria Magdalena.
See more on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2324986821152244/?active_tab=discussion

Looking forward to healing with you!

Photocollage by Urfrau (Backgroundphoto by „Sevillana“)