22.7. KOLOČ – Time & Dimension Gateway
on the Dragon Island of Brač / Croatia
The return of the goddess of love & her POWER ACTIVATION! For the female power and it´s healing in all of us. The centerpoint of the „Maria Magdalena Path“ lies on the island of Brač. Here we find the geomantic zero point of her journey and can directly access our female primal force. I have been working energetically for over 15 years on the „Dragon Island“ of my female ancestors, and I feel deeply touched to lead the first power place activation of this kind here. We will „work“ at the summit and at the heartpoint of the island and step through the KOLOČ time-dimension-gateway, a mystical priestess square from ancient times. We will connect with the dragon power and let the life forces flow from below upwards, from the inside out. With my „Quintessence Medicine“ of the 3 power places in us, Sacral Chakra – Heart Chakra – 3rd Eye Chakra, we can perceive a „becoming whole“ inside of us … we will connect all major power places in an imaginary network by activating this new one inside of us and the earth. Right now we need really good EARTHING and rooting so that the strong life force in us can rise like a snake that becomes a dragon and flies. To the dragon power in us! As the URFRAU and high priestess of Maria Magdalena, it is an honor for me to celebrate this transformation with you in my mother´s homelands! An event for women & men!

WHEN & WHERE: 22.7. / 11-18h / Koloč – Island of Brač, Croatia
REGISTRATION: lara@urfrau.at
Healing Rituals, Soundhealing, Dragon Dance, Tantric exercises
COSTS: 22,- Eur

POWERPOINT ACTIVATION – What is it? From a geomantic point of view, we are talking about a connection between humans and a highly vibrating place of power in nature. We know that self-healing is only activated in living beings from a certain high frequency and that we gain knowledge, but can also heal processes or diseases. So if man comes with love and respect for nature and its spirits and seeks help, he will find help. First and foremost, we activate ourselves in a place of strength in order to then give back something that the place needs, especially gratitude but also gifts of blessings in the form of beautiful thoughts and gestures. Sometimes it also happens that old power places are stagnated and „slumber“ due to many negative thought patterns and people’s lust for power. Then we speak of a power place activation, where the human being has the task of dissolving these patterns and freeing the place from the human program of suffering. Let’s shine, dance and fly together!

SPECIAL INTERVIEW by SHECONOMY –> https://www.facebook.com/Sheconomymagazin/videos/2408107709248876/

EVENTS in series in Austria:
22.8. SLZBG, Untersberg
22.9. KÄRNTEN, Magdalensberg
22.10. WIEN, Kaliberg

I look forward to you!

Photocollage by Urfrau

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